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Feb 2012 and server changes

Thursday 1st December 2011

Well, we're thinking of changing servers so you may notice the site will be a bit unresponsive for a short while while we make the move. Ashley is also thinking of changing the back-end system behind the website so it may suddenly morph into a new look when you are least expecting it!

So please bear with us! Well, we know you're a patient lot, bearing with us over the XX years since we started this effort!

Something from Devious will be on display at next February's Modelshow at the Brighton Centre. Last year we had the Emperor full-sized prop along with some daleks. This year we have something else in mind. The Emperor may return as it is popular although the main focus of the exhibit will be something else from Devious! More news as and when - we will add pictures from any new builds to the site.