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exciting news? -some nods

Friday 22nd May 2009
Tim Pieraccini - Jon Pertwee's stunt double in Devious - with dalek visitor at a charity shop

...would be good to have of course, and with luck we'll be able to supply you with some soon... (suppose it depends on what you find exciting). Until then we'll have a few (new?) gratuitous shots of daleks to keep you all happy!

That's the thing with Dr Who fans - we all love the Doctor but secretly we'd all like the daleks on every week. Just imagine if the show really ended up like that - if the impression made on Huw Wheldon back in the sixties was just a little higher he could have insisted not just on 13 weeks of daleks in the 'Dalek Masterplan' but the whole series changed in direction; becoming like the ill-fated Dalek series Terry Nation wanted to set up in the States perhaps. The dalek obsessives amongst us would now be looking back on that quaint old "Dr Who and the Daleks" TV series that ran until 1966.

Doctor Who is richer for its sheer variety. It's canon encompasses so much and its wider fandom inspired so much. Modern DW is in the hands of people who really care about it, as it always will be in the future we hope. We have a new chapter opening soon with Steven Moffat and eagerly await the new direction the show will take.

In the meantime we as longtime fans have created our own little homage/tribute to the series in 'Devious' with so many of the scenes being deliberate nods to events in the TV Doctor's own past. Like the Power of the Daleks production line scene or that subtle shot of Jon Pertwee in the Tardis operating the door control posed deliberately to mirror the famous colour cover shot of William Hartnell.

Great shot that...