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Evil of the Daleks - Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday 25th October 2006

Dress Rehearsal last night! Excellent. Brilliant. Had a tear or two in the eye when the daleks first came on. Don't mind admitting that. Hopefully you will too when you see it!

More words than this I cannot add at the moment I am so tired after getting home at midnight all this week! And even on the last night I'll be coming home on the last Brighton train (10.19 depart) and trudging home - but I suspect less of a trudge more of a triumphant march...

...assuming all goes well. Break a leg. Or is it break a plunger? No it can't be - we've done that already (Helen's dalek lost it's sucker during the dress rehearsal and so a new one is being fabricated today). Break a castor? - no we've added so many more for stability that the local hospitals and supermarkets people are having to drag the trolleys round scraping the floor.

So it's break a leg then...

Hope to catch a lot of you during the run - if you think you know me when you see me strolling (doubtless tearfully) around then please say hi.

Ashley (25th October)

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