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episode five

Thursday 15th March 2007


Just in case you think we're doing nothing then here's something! Tomorrow evening (Friday) we're all off to Stephen's to watch a new edit of episode five. (Or is it episode four?) (Or is it really episode six - since we are revamping the episodes due to the shorter lengths of parts 1 to 3...). Anyway, David has been putting things together so we can get a locked off version so we can put on the effects and Stephen can clean the soundtrack. Then of course we will redub where necessary. David is promising us some surprises so we are eager to see what he's done - perhaps we've got Ice Warriors now instead of Daleks?!?!? Perhaps not.

Also we noticed Stephen's name was in the credits for one of the New Beginnings DVD features - see the feature on JNT.

And also we've launched a web poll about the new dalek colour scheme for the Masterplan play. Just a bit of fun as always - we'd be interested in your thoughts![ See here ]