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Endless Corridors

Friday 11th November 2016

One thing you can be sure about with Devious. There's corridors, loads of them. And other cliches, sci-fi touchstones if you like. When you see something that looks like something else the chances are we know, and its our way of making a homage (or an homage). For instance, in the spin-off "The Never Was" you may recognise some of the movements in the space scenes where the Tardis suddenly ducks out of the way and the dalek ships collide. Star Wars aficionados David and Mark were well aware, and added that movement just to see who'd spot it.

So with Devious there's a few little things here and there we've added to see if you're on the ball. Even some lines that may seem familiar. 

We met again this week, and made significand progress too. Ashley and Mark voted for their favourite explosion from a set of seven demonstrated by David. These were of course on screen, as firework night has now passed! Ashley also reprised his role as "the monster" and some more motion capture was achieved, leading to Ashley's horrible realisation that there were/are some errors in a particular cgi 3d mesh. That is already on the way to being sorted. A few more decisions were made regarding some of the effects that have been tirelessly (or tiredly) (if that is a reeal word) by David.

The trio are meeting again next week, but having a week off the following week, as a load of us are piling round to Stephen's house to watch "Power of the Daleks" even though we will all have the DVD by then. We've resolved to watch it for the first time in a groupd of a dozen or so.

Which is nice.

Oh yes, here's some corridor and entranceway shots for you from the first episode. None of these have been on the site before in this form.


More soon