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Sunday 17th July 2005

(Ashley) went to the Dr Who exhibition on Brighton Pier yesterday - should have done some time ago as it's only 8 miles from his house - and if you're thinking of going then the advice is to go. Enjoy it - a time when the BBC is actively promoting Dr Who again with all its might. Great to see props and costumes from this new series - as a prop and set builder for Devious it was good to see and make comparisons - and to take heart and encouragement to see we're on the right lines!!! Devious apart though, it was a great show and Adam (Ashley's son of nearly two) took great deligfht from seeing the exhibits!

Encouragement also today for the BADWAS barbeque - the Brighton Area Dr Who Appreciation Society has been going now for simply ages - throughout the dark times before the series returned. Many happy meetings we recall going to over the years. Sadly the trio of us from Devious don't get to see them very much nowadays but we continue most definitely to give our support. If you live in Sussex and want to join them then their website should be easy to find (we may even link to it ourselves - or ought to).