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educational daleks!

Tuesday 22nd June 2010

If you recall years ago we lent a couple of our daleks to a local school in Brighton as part of a project to help with childrens literacy. They were placed in the library at Patcham School and were very successful in increasing awareness of science fiction reading - so much so that they even made the inside cover of the school brochure the following year as well as appearing on BBC South's South Today magazine show as part of a week long series of Dr Who - themed items. The teacher responsible - Mr Rowlie Darby was interviewed by Sylvester McCoy for that feature.

Well in an echo of that event some of the Devious daleks this week "invaded" a local school in Worthing.

We will have more news and hopefully some pictures from their surprise arrival during school assembly this last Monday! The daleks will be there for a number of weeks based in the library area and will be used for a number of class projects encouraging reading, storytelling, mathematics, science and doubtless other things too! We have asked the teacher responsible for setting up the project to write a small piece for this website and let you all know how it went as well as his thoughts on how the project will work.

As for Devious' part we are delighted that the dalek props can continue to be used in this educational way to stimulate young minds. The daleks were donated for use freely (as always) once we realised the great integrity and enthusiasm behind the project. Ashley went along to the school on the launch day and helped with the logistics - showing staff how to use our "moogerfooger" to get the best voice as well as briefly train the teacher operators in the use of the props.

More news on this project as soon as we can!

The event for the 24th of July will be a one day event entitled "Strange New Worlds" at the St Paul's Centre in Worthing from 10am until 5pm. Some of the Devious daleks and props will be in attendance we hope, as it will be a celebration of SCI-FI generally!!! There will be a dedicated news item showing the links to the dedicated site as soon as we can as well as other details for the event as we hear them. Should be a good day!