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Early Spring Clean

Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Yes we know it is Winter, but the New Year brings out a tidying motive to some people. Ashley reports that whilst he was out in his shed/office/storeroom playing with some cgi he popped in to the house for that much needed cup of tea to be confronted with some old photographs that had been rediscovered during a bit of reorganisation. He shares them with us all now! 

All of us currently working on Devious have been set our little projects at our last meeting as always, and these quiet times over the New Year have proved fruitful. We meet again this week, although a group viewing of Shada is on the cards we think. Nothing like watching an unfinished Doctor Who story to get us in the mood!

Happy New Year to everyone - more soon!

Stephen, Lynette, Arthur and Ian in the "Red TARDIS" control room - with the directorial arm of David in the foreground we suspect
Arthur and Ian again
Chris in hiding - in place to activate the console when required... Richard and Ian are sitting waiting for the call to resume the scene...

These photos all feature filming from a TARDIS control room - but Who does it belong to? And what are the red bits all about?