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DWM reviews and worries...

Thursday 18th June 2009

(update - 18 June) Well, the bubble is about to burst! After all the years of Devious being something people knew about but never actually saw anything of - the 6th of July will see a segment released for the general DW fandom to finally see. And for the DWM to post a paragraph or so in their customary review of new DVD releases in their next isse, due out next week (25th). Maybe we are nervous. So what if the DWM reviewer doesn't like it? It's just an opinion of course as the piece of Devious will be on a "proper" DVD alongside professional pieces of work. So not surprising if reviewers find it a little wooden or amateurish perhaps.

So if it's given a mention in a review and it registers some form of approval we'll be very very happy indeed. Just to have a piece of amateur work on an official BBC DVD is acclaim enough. We're also sure that fans will see past the amateur nature of the production values, the acting, the sets etc and see what we were aiming for. After all, the piece is from 1995!!!! What could you expect from something that old? - Lord of the Rings? Star Trek? Blink? Well, not at 12 minutes anyway! At least at last you can see some parts of 'Devious' - albeit a bit old - and get some idea of what we are about, and combined with images and info on the website you'll see what the rest of the six episode epic would be like.

Actually one of our number (Arthur) has just emailed us to tell us that we got praise on the excellent Eye of Horus website - so things are looking hopeful! We just want people to enjoy what we do.



Actually we were thinking of putting a page or two together to give an overview of the story in image form (screen-grab) so you'll be able to see the context of the piece on the DVD. Would this be a good idea? (let us know!) We'd only do that after the DVD has been released for a while though.