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DVD Surprise - well a little one!

Thursday 11th June 2009


(update - 11 June) Stephen from the team will apparently be speaking on air on BBC Radio Sussex about the War Games Devious piece in a short item on the release day the 6th July with any lick. Stephen's colleagues at the radio station news desk have got wind of the DVD release and Stephen's involvement so hopefully there'll be a short item sometime before 10AM we think. More news as and when! (Doubtless it won't happen now we've mentioned it!). Maybe there's a link so that BBC Radio Sussex can be heard online...?

(update - also 11 June) There's also a bit of a SURPRISE on the DVD Devious footage. It's also actually a NO SURPRISE as well really, once you know what it is. Any thoughts? Drop us a line with your guess via our "say hello" link if you have nothing better to do!!!! We may print the best answers - although you'll have to watch the DVD to find out though! It's only small in importance compared with the main point of the footage, but we thought it would be fun to guess about it...


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