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Doctor Who 50 - Feast of Stephen?

Wednesday 20th November 2013

Well, it's only a few days now until the Day of the Doctor and we're all terribly excited. On the fan-celebration of the Fiftieth we are hoping that Mark's "The Never Was" is released soon after the anniversary date for you all to enjoy. More news on that as and when of course!

As for the Devious team we're all trying to enjoy the day as best we can re TV watching opportunities either at the local cinema or on our huge TV screens with our 3D glasses (or not). However Stephen from the Team will be right where the action is come Saturday night. Mr Cranford is helping out at the big Doctor Who Celebration 50th event at the Excel for three days and is interviewing a number of DW celebrities throughout the extended weekend. Apparently he's interviewing the director of "The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances" James Hawes, as well as modelmaker/effects guru Mat Irvine as well as many others. He'll be one of a "rotating" team throughout the event so one day he'll be interviewing someone and the second day that will be someone else. Stephen is also one of the team assisting Graham Norton on his live BBC Radio 2 broadcast from the event on the Saturday although you won't hear him as he'll be behind the scenes we believe.

Good luck to Stephen - hope it all goes well for you (don't forget the tin!). If you are a follower of "Devious" and our website etc and spot him then surprise him with a "hello" !!!

He's hoping to catch the broadcast of the Day of the Doctor if he can - although if he misses it he'll have a hard job avoiding spoilers at that event!

more soon!