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Devious on TV?

Wednesday 1st July 2009

Well, it's by no means definite, and we're nervous about saying too much, but... we may appear on a local news magaziine programme for the BBC South East area on the 7th of July - the day after the War Games release. The programme isusually on at 6.30pm after the main news.

This will be the day after the actual DVD release. Now Stephen from the team works for BBC Sussex radio and features in their breakfast show from 6 to 10am and so we'd be very surprised if Devious didn't get some kind of mention on the Monday - so listen out just in case!

Now by the nature of news programmes it's quite likely we'll be on a different day or not even featured at all. All we know so far is that Stephen and David will be interviewed about the Pertwee scene. Quite what is to be shown we have no idea, so it'll be fun for us as well wondering what is going to happen. If all goes well it will be good publicity for the release with luck.

ps there's a newly discovered still screen capture of JP on the War Games page dated 1 july!

pps hope you don't mind our new look! - we haven't had time before the release to process all the pages into the new designs, so have decided just to do the news 2009 section for now - so bear with us whilst we convert the rest of the site after the DVD release!