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The Devious Trio

Saturday 6th January 2018

Anyone who has been involved in Devious at one point or another has doubtless been "a vital part of the team" or, "an essential member of the trio". A bit like Douglas Adams really and his Hitchhikers which was a trilogy in four parts.

Well the trio that is Devious used originally to be Barry Ashley and David - hence "BAD", then Stephen took Barry's place hence "SAD", and now Mark is on board with Stephen taking on that grandfatherly overview (despite being (probably) the youngest), and so now we are "MAD".

However these photos prove that the trio is of course four. We wanted to share these to show how we are still in contact and driving things along. Currently we await some more sound tweaking; some more entertainment with .bvh file motion captures; some grading and other visual tweaks and a wee bit more music....

In the meantime we thought that some good inspiration could come from watching another unfinished Doctor Who story - i.e. Shada. Also a few of us had received Shada as Christmas presents and so we had decided on a group viewing with full sound capabilities, a big screen and some stollen, red wine, after eight mints and copious tea. All our partners somehow had made their excuses and so the trio enjoyed a great evening watching this epic. Loved it but not mentioning any particular part as not wanting to give any spoilers away in case any of you guys / not guys have not seen it yet.

More soon...

fairly serious to start with
getting sillier
deciding to remove Mark's leg
as we normally are...