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Devious server change

Friday 26th June 2009


(update -26 June) Well, we've just pushed the button to change servers. Ashley has decided he can do more to the site in a new location so we'll let him get on with it. In the meantime you may get an interruption in service from this site. If it goes bang, blank or just looks odd then please bear with us. By next week we should be ok again. And more importantly - we got a mention in the piece on the War Games in the current Doctor Who Monthly - the bible of DW fandom and an essential purchase. With all our worrying about what would be said about our little bit we forgot that any mention in a review would in fact be in the following issue once the DVD is out - rather like the Delta and The Bannermen review in the current issue. So we have another month's grace !!!! Still - it's only ten days or so now 'til the release so let's not think of reviews - if you're interested in seeing what we've been up to and want to see what we filmed back in 1995 then hopefully you'll be entertained. And you'll LOVE one particular facial expression from the great man Mr P.!!!

Now - because the webmaster is away during the release of the DVD you may have to wait until the end of the week for more news and features. The site has moved servers successfully and now the content is being converted over into new sections and new areas of the site are being created. So if you are reading this then the process is underway - please bear with us!