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Thursday 24th March 2005

I've just got back from appearing on the local radio this morning (Ashley speaking here). Along with Stephen Cranford I've just done two short interviews for BBC Southern Counties Radio regarding Doctor Who- our effort Devious, and some thoughts on the new series. Great fun - unlike seasoned broadcaster Stephen I've not done this sort of thing before so it was a little nerve-racking aforehand but then when "on air" (as these people call it!) it was fine!

We were unfortunately without our third member David Clarke who was unavailablewhich wasa shame but we muddled through! Can't remember now what we were asked but we were positive about the new series and hopefully gave people a bit of an insight into the 15-year trail that has been Devious.

We spoke of working with Jon Pertwee and Hugh Lloyd, and John Radford the presenter asked (like a lot of you do) what will happen to Devious now it's been filmed. Well, we didn't know; saying it is a labour of love; a piece of art in a way, although we weren't averse to the suggestion by the presenter that something is done with it for Children in Need by the BBC. Go on then !!! We've always said we'd do anything to help with a charitable and worthy cause.

Anyway, there you go - a bit of fun as they say - three minutes of chat to entertain the good people of Surrey and Sussex and Brighton. If you heard it and raised a smile then thats fine with us. Must go now and sit in my special chair with my name on the back!!!! (the one in the room with the star on the door!)