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Devious Daleks making an Exhibition of themselves

Thursday 31st October 2002

Last night (30th) saw 2 of the Devious Daleks packed off to an exhibition in Southampton at the Millais Gallery. Artist Roy Brown has spent the last 6 months preparing for an exhibition featuring 15 daleks. Centred in a room with the Declaration of Human Rights etched in glass in displays around the walls, and suitably lit to bring back the menace so lacking in recent media outings the daleks are set to make quite an impressive artistic and political point in the run up to Christmas.

No pictures are available yet, although I have seen the exhibition guide book and publicity and it all looks rather impressive. Roy has tracked down many of the country's dalek builders and asked to borrow their finest work for this show, and it is an honour for Ashley's creations to be part of the exhibit. "Friend of Devious" Andy from Liverpool - he of the excellent remote-control daleks, cybermen and "Numan" robots has lent a couple and it was a conversation with him which led to the Devious props being added at a late stage to the exhibition. Sadly too late for their builder to make the photos, which is probably no bad thing at all - there's plenty of home-grown publicity on the Devious site itself! We are promised a weblink and we have supplied a few construction photos, and a specially-signed piece of dalek memorabilia has also been lent.


It's only a pity that the two daleks supplied were practically the two oldest (i.e. Chico and Harpo) and have had to have some repair work and emergency painting done - mind you they need that for the Feb/Mar '03filming session anyway! - we couldn't free up the new ones as they're needed for our next filming session at the start of November. Here's one of them (above) with Ashley at the Comic Relief filming.

We at Devious wish Roy well with his work - it was a pleasure to meet him and his partner Jo when they came to collect the props.