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December will be magic...

Thursday 6th December 2007
new TARDIS roof
new and old rooves

(isn't that a Kate Bush track?)

...well it will be magic if Ashley manages to get the new version of this website live at last! He's been promising it for weeks, and still has to put live the images from the recent Masterplan play. Well, he has a lot on - like we all do in Devious, which is why the news often takes a back seat! In fact the whole project is, as you know, a hobby project and necessarily sits behind our normal activities.

To atone for this delay here's a few new images(above)  to show we have been (slightly) active!


Above we can see the new TARDIS roof that's been built by Ashley and Stephen. It was made out of necessity as the old one was falling into such a state, and besides, the TARDIS prop was needed for the play. In the event only the front panel was used as a flat in the production, as the elaborate mechanism to make the roof appear along with the flashing light proved too tricky for a number of reasons. We hope you'll agree that even the flat looked great on stage! And besides, we've got a new roof now - and the old one is now in Worthing awaiting a friend of ours to build his own new TARDIS prop underneath!

The daleks have now returned from the play, and the famous five await dispersal to their storage homes. Here they are a week or so after the play had finished.


Stuart's excellent Black Dalek has also gone back into hiding no doubt - we'll have to ask him what's become of Mr Sec!

On other matters we are hoping to watch the newly-edited episodes 1 2 and 3 next week so we don't comment and chat all over it when they are shown again next month when we are in conversations over the music score. More on that later we hope. David has been working feverishly on these edits and we're looking forward to some surprises we think...

In the meantime please bear with Ashley as he gets his new web templates ready... cheers.

the dalek famous five