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DalekWorld at ModelWorld 24 - 26 Feb 2012

Thursday 23rd February 2012

Sorry for the lack of updates - have been merrily building stuff to get Devious finished! Well, that's the hope. I (Ashley) have just got back from the Brighton Centre where we have been setting up our exhibit for this year. And we're bigger than ever! 5 of your french metres by 6 of them! That's, err, many yards wide by a demi-furlong deep. Or something like that.

Well, as you can see I'm a bit tired and I'll have to get in at 8 tomorrow a couple of hours before kick-off to finish preparing the sets. This year we have 6 daleks from Devious (and we know there are another 3 around the centre courtesy of Type 40 Toys and a chap from Hove) plus the Emperor from Devious and Evil of the Daleks stage play (2006).

We also have 1 model (unfinished) depicting a scene from Doctor Who 2010, and 2 from Devious.

The first of these is one quarter of the production line as seen last year. The second one (which is HUGE) is the fifth scale model of the Emperor's control room from Devious. This is the model we are using to complete our special effects - hence it will have charges set off in it and smoke and CGI and and and... well you get the picture.

It does look fun and we hope the crowds will like it all. We'll have some pics on the site as soon as we can after the event. If you come along and you've seen this website first please email us and let us know! Like last year we've called it DalekWorld...

See you there!!!!!


sleep beckons...

POST UPDATE: This image was actually taken after the show. A series of shots were taken with the daleks posed next to the full-sized Spitfire replica.