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Dalekworld - a cunning plan?

Saturday 22nd January 2011

Deadlines focus the mind. Wih Ashley deep in programming for his new enterprise he's finding it tough getting everything done. However you will still expect to see a new exhibit at the Brighton ModelWorld this year. Also expect a sleeping Ashley under it! The only way to get things done is to set a deadline. And the only way to do a good job is to plan plan plan and then do it all the fortnight before! Sounds wrong? Only if the final result is any less than 100% of the original concept.

Accept 80% perhaps - no-one will notice? Or change the criteria? OK so let's examine the criteria... - to provide a new model set for the exhibition and to provide a new set for Devious modelwork. The 80% is stage 1 completion (the modelshow) with stage 2 the cmpletion of the set for Devious (100%).  After all the idea was to build for Devious with the new set being a spin-off for the show. Otherwise the set would take half the year!

The visuals will be 100% completed. The extra work after achieving the quality for the show will be the wiring and adapting for camera angles. And repainting a dozen daleks! But then you want to make sure the show display will be better than last year's.

Well there you are - that's the creative process for you. And woe betide if you ask him how it's coming along!



David and Ashley met recenly and looked over te model as built so far and discussed camera positions and concepts and believe what is being built will work well for Devious. And for the modelshow the 5th-scale model will be a talking point to be sure. By the way, this new model is not the Emperor set by the way - that will be brought along only if there is space for the new adaptation of that model in the display area. The Emperor set is being built on a modular basis as well but may not travel well to Brighton! However the full-sized model may make a reappearance to complement the half-dozen or so daleks we are expecting to display!

As hoped our friend Alex will be having his own stand at the show showing the models and sci-fi merchandise from his Worthing shop and will be positioned deliberately near to the DalekWorld stand so we can cover each other and provide enough dalek-based activity for the kids (of all ages) to enjoy.

There are also 3 other elements to the display apart from the modelwork and the full-sized daleks. More news before te show, or maybe just a few snippets  to tempt you along!

more news as and when...!