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DalekWorld 2013 at Brighton 22-24 Feb !!!

Sunday 24th February 2013

Great fun this past 2 days - 1 to go - at our DalekWorld stand. We'll have a large retrospective of the event for you oon these pages soon. In the meantime we have a youtube video loading to

which should be live soon. It will show Ian from the team working on the radio controlled dalek after Ashley had found a problem (he'd plugged something inm the wrong way around - i.e. no problem) - and you'll also see some of our extensive set. Our display this year is 12metres by six and features the dalek Emperor, six daleks, our new Tardis entrance and the famous console and console room!

seems the youtube is above now..





(much) more soon!

Modelworld 2013
Modelworld 2013