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daleks on the move again

Friday 9th August 2002

In what must rank as the smallest bits of news in a while - but then what do you report when you're waiting to film due to availability of actors and sets (!!!) - the daleks were on the move again last week. In a bizarre swap (well it must have seemed bizarre to any passers-by who witnessed the movements) dalek "Chico" (yes we've named them after Marx brothers as per BBC originals) came back to base for some repairs (including a new Ashley-patented head mechanism) whilst "Alfred" and "Karl" (named after the less well-known Marx brothers - the employment bloke and the popular communist) were delivered to the place where we'll hopefully be filming the first corridor scenes.

These two are entirely new propsand match the radio-controlled model "Onya" (the even less well-known brother, whose name is heard at athletics meetings at the start of each race). They have 6-inch wheels and will travel over most surfaces without a problem. They only require the lighting mechanism kit to be ready for menacing the Doctor, Bradley, Chaldar, Aturoand the Covellitor in the near future.