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daleks invade Lewes !!!

Saturday 23rd November 2002

23 November 2002 - The 39th Anniversary of Doctor Who (good luck to David Price's "Dimensions On Tyne 2"Convention this weekend)

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Millais Dalek Exhibition featured on BBC Dr Who website

DALEKS INVADE LEWES!! - Minding my own business shopping in Lewes this Saturday I stumbled across a dalek. As you do. Well, I'm fairly clumsy at the best of times. My first reaction? - oh it's a dalek. Hmm. Well, the thing is, I've seen so many (there's 15 or so to see in a week or so when I visit the Millais Gallery in Southampton for their exhibition); there's one left in my shed/studio -Stephen has one in his house; David has three in his office reception area (a big office!) - so you tend to get a bit blase. And then it dawned on me - it looked rather familiar! Yes it was radio-controlled "Onya" - soon to be repainted (the online voting came out in favour of the "Black Dalek look") being manoeuvredup and down Lewes High Street by the redoubtable Ian Watts from Robot Wars Team "Big Brother". Check out his website!!!! (also on the links page)Anyway - here's a quick shot taken by a passer-by (Steve Edwards from Sussex).


The looks from the kids and adults alike were incredible - the reaction seemed to show thatif the BBC were to bring the daleks back (as they were - not updated or "improved" in some revamp)in Dr Who they'd have a winner on their hands. Kids loved it - only one cried when the gas-powered gun went off - I think the noise frightened more than anything!!! - and even then we checked later to see he was all right!