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Daleks are In Tent(s) and a Box Room

Wednesday 14th June 2017

Daleks intense, in tents. Oh well please yourselves. Just a quick report to say that various dalek props and stuff have been seen out and about. Two daleks from the "fleet" have just come back from Sumners Ponds Model Show 2017 where they spent the weekend in a small tent. As you do when you're plotting world domination.

As last year they proved an interesting distraction and managed to garner themselves another gig latyer in the year as a result. Garner. Like that? Again, please yourselves.

And news reaches us from a highly secret source that our original Police Box as constructed by Stephen with help from Chris and some fiddly bits by Ashley (although he can't remember what) - has been seen in a Room. A special room in fact. One that will be revealed in the next DWM - that's the excellent Doctor Who Monthly to the uninitiated! The original Devious Police Box is now in a museum!

Blimey - well, as Stephen said earlier today "if we hadn't have passed it on it would have perished outside". That's why we measured it before it left and built the one we used for "The Never Was". There'll be more news on the Tardis Police Box front quite soon...