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Dalek props

Tuesday 12th January 2010

Well we do tend to say something like that each new year.  However this year we are more hopeful. Our news item for Dec 14th 2009 has drawn some interest - and we'd still like others to come forward if they (/you!) have anything to offer! We want Devious to look good and for that to happen we need people who are enthusiastic and good at what they can do. People who fancy cgi-ing a spaceship-asteroid-tardis or a flying arrow for example.


And in other news here's Ashley with some of the dalek model props invading his kitchen! A smile please Ashley? Maybe next time.
...and a mockup of David with the Emperor set showing just how wrong the focus is in this image !! ...

We look forward to properly compositing the shot above. The final version will look entirely different - ie will be populated with daleks for a start!