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Dalek at Brighton ModelWorld 25

Wednesday 19th February 2003

'Onya' the dalek - i.e. what will be the black dalek - was at the successful ModelWorld show last weekend in Brighton. Now fitted with a voice and working lights as well as the exterminator gun being functional the dalek was a hit at the show. Allied to the Robot Wars section of the show the dalek made a number of tours of the venue during the weekend, being worked by Ian Watts from the Big Brother team, or Ashley from Devious. The dalek's appearance was done for free as per last year. Painted silver with blue balls it sported a silver dome this time, and it managed to be out and about for an hour or two each day from Friday to Sunday and only started to give up the ghost late Sunday - not bad on a single charge! ModelWorld celebrates model-making in all scales, and the Brighton Centre had a wealth of exhibits, from the Robot Wars shows to trains, live steam engines, cars, boats & ships (an excellent Titanic model was on show, complete with iceberg) and of course the dalek! The crowd reaction to the dalek was excellent, still prompting us to wonder why the BBC can't bring them back on regular tv. There'll be some pics when we get round to it! Oh yes, and in other news, we are still planning for the next filming session, which may well still be March!