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The Curse of Devious

Monday 14th October 2002
After an gap of several years "Curse of Fatal Death" cast members Julia Sawalha and Stephen Cranford were reunited on the location for the forthcoming series of Jonathan Creek IV.
The meeting took place by the sandwiches tent in the rain on Sunday 13th October, and the conversation went something like this...
Stephen: Hello Julia. Last time we worked together you were with Rowan Atkinson and I was a dalek
Julia: Oh yes (laughs) crumbs that was ages ago!
Stephen: Yes it was , wasn't it. How have you been keeping?
Julia: Very well thanks
Stephen: See you later
Julia: Oh, by the way, I have been following the progress of the Devious on the web site. It's looking good. Remember to keep me updated with it's progress. Here's my personal email address so you can keep in touch.
One of the above lines of dialogue is not true. There may be a competition to decide which one, but it's probably a bit obvious isn't it... Yes, that's right, Julia is unlikely to use the word "crumbs"
When the new series of Jonathan Creek is on, look out for the duo. Julia stars alongside the principle, Alan Davies. Stephen plays a policeman background artiste who crosses from screen left to right in one particular scene. It's dark and I'm dressed in black. We'll no doubt provide the timecode position of my appearance once it's been transmitted, so you can record and freezeframe it.
- Stephen