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Convention Preparations etc

Wednesday 14th November 2001

The saying 'if it wasn't for the last minute then nothing would get done' is most definitely true!!! We're now running round like blue-a***d flies trying to be ready for our appearance at the Dimensions On Tyne convention. The schedule is complete, and our running order is as follows...

A documentary on the history of Devious, showing behind the scenes stuff, with exclusive footage from our time working with Jon Pertwee, as well as Comic Relief;
Extracts from Devious itself, consisting of linked scenes from various episodes; and
The 'Pertwee Scene' from the end of our story - featuring the man himself!
Again we'd like to stress that this is the plan - subject to any last minute clearance problems, although touchwood (rubs forehead at this point) we haven't heard anything untoward. So we hope you'll enjoy what we've got to show for you. There should be some time for questions and answers - we feel sure you'll want to comment on what you see!

Oh yes - and we've a little surprise too!

Again we'd like to thank the organisers of the convention for inviting us! - and secondly for giving us a deadline!

The new version of this site will be available in the week after the convention with any luck! It will allow me to put ASP code onto the site, meaning I'll be able to improve the content and most importantly the frequency of update to the site. So before long, I'll be asking you all to keep a note of this new location - i.e. ensure any bookmarks point to instead of the geocities address . At least I'll be able to lose the adverts! I will retain the geocities site for a while until you're all safely moved over!