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console yourself, it's only a set...

Friday 21st January 2005

Well, after the latest batch of filming we've been able to dispose of some sets - the archway door has seen it's last materialisation, and the last parts of the control room sets used last May will be junked very soon once they have been measured and photographed ready for the model versions to be built.

The main console and tardis walls will be retained for the forseeable future although we welcome any thoughts people have.

The console was last seen on BBC1 last summer when South Today borrowed it, and I imagine it is always available for a deserving cause to borrow all the time we have it. It's being prepared for storage in the next few weeks - Ashley particularly is keen to retain the set somewhere - he remembers the hours spent with Stephen creating this edifice! More news as and when -along with some more pics from the Jan filming!