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Comic Relief 2009

Tuesday 3rd March 2009

Hope you are all out there doing something special for this year's Comic Relief. Even if it's just putting money in a tin.

The word "just" in that last sentence - just putting money in a tin is maybe all you can do - but it's the "just" thing to do.

Ten years ago we were lucky enough to have helped out with Comic Relief '99. Some of our props and sets were used in the flagship comedy production that year - the reknowned "Curse of Fatal Death". It was a great time for all of us and we were delighted to help - not just on the days of filming, but preparing the sets and props for their outing (we built two new Tardis walls to add to our set)! We have many happy memories of the four days at Pinewood! The main thing is that a great deal of money was raised for very worthwhile causes. Each successive year the totals have been improved as the nation gives from its heart. This year will be no exception. Pop along now to their website - or plan some fundraising event - we're wondering ourselves if we can do anything this time...


Speak soon