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Comic Relief

Monday 5th July 1999

We were lucky enough to have been "called-up" by the BBC for their Comic Relief Doctor Who sketch.

Initially we were to provide the tardis set (the console and walls) although three of our daleks soon muscled in on the act, and before long had found their way onto the BBC juggernaught bound for Pinewood Studios.

Stephen and Ashley went up on day one for the build, whilst they were joined during the shoot by David, and on one day by Chris. On of Chris' prize possessions is his photo taken with Hugh Grant, whilst each of us have very good memories of our time there.


A video documentary was made during the filming, and Stephen and Ashley were interviewed for it, whilst some unfinished clips from Devious itself were used on the documentary tape to illustrate what Ashley was saying in his segment. This was a bonus, and if anything taught us that next time we check two things. Firstly, to send clips up with finished sound and visual effects, and secondly, and perhaps more noticeably, to correct the tardis time-rotor from accidentally wobbling during the final takes in the Master's/Doctor's tardis set! Many people were convinced that rotor wobbled deliberately, even "The Nine Lives of Doctor Who" book had a theory along those lines. Oh well, perhaps at least it made people talk.


If the whole sketch served to demonstrate the continued popularity of the series, then we are glad we helped in our small way.

Nine million viewers saw us trundle around in assorted silver daleks in that sketch (oh yes, and Chris was in a black one (from the museum in North Wales) seen for under a second!!).


Not only did the BBC juggernaught lorry collect the props, but upon its return on the Thursday it also contained the genuine BBC fibreglass Tardis en-route to it's normal storage area. So at least Ashley can say that Doctor Who's tardis has been to his house.

Well, he's stopped going around saying that now, as people have started to run away from him when they see him coming.

Here's the BBC video cover - if you do find it anywhere then I'm sure a percentage still goes to charity!