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Wednesday 23rd March 2016

We've been working on episode one again. A new cleaned up soundtrack is nearing completion, whilst we are working on the "Tardis Attack" scene. Not that you will recognise what that is when you finally see it of course. Also our main threat at the end of the first episode is really taking shape now - we can't say any more than that as we want it to have an impact.

Getting the colours right has been an issue too - and we think we are on course. Here's a still from part one, showing the richness of the countryside. Of course Devious is a project to try to cmplete something that was filmed years and years ago, and so you will see that the image quality isn't up to today's clarity - it is of its time, and we hope that will be appreciated. The Never Was showed what we can do with today's equipment - whether our acting has improved also we can debate...!

So, speaking of colours, for those of you that like that sort of thing we've also got a still here from an early stage of the animation for The Never Was featuring the daleks and their emperor - feel free to colour it in. You may use the Doctor's old enemy "Crayola" ... ??