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Christopher Eccleston - Dr Who Nine - and Devious filming...

Monday 22nd March 2004



Congratulations tothe team planning the new series of Doctor Who in their choice of acclaimed Shakespearean actor Christopher Eccleston to play the ninth incarnation of the Doctor. The "edge" has now been returned to the series.

Meanwhile down here in our own little world we've been very busy. And what's more we've also been doing some work on Devious. David has compiled the DVD at last, which includes scenes not yet filmed. This remarkable feat was in fact achieved by filming a script readthrough. This would have made the pacing of the story easier to plan for episodes 5 and 6, only, er, we've largely re-written the ending ! It was felt that as our Doctor Tony Garner is only the Doctor for one occasion (albeit inhabiting the role for longer than anyone) he isn't seen to do enough in the final episodes. He tended to react rather than affact events enough. Some judicious reworking of the script has corrected this and led to an amazing cliff-hanger for the end of part five, of which we will say no more at this time!

Of more interest perhaps is the fact that we are intending to film in May. There are five or six weekends of filming to be done in our big set, with eight daleks and two actors. If you know us then contact us if you can help on one of the days we're filming (near Brighton) - more details nearer the tim e (i.e. the week before!)


Here's Stephen walking around the space that will be occupied with the new set. The dalek is next to an unfinished quarter segment of the middle part of the set, which was brought in and erected to check on measurements before its completion and lighting. The black material behind may now not be used, we have plans to mask the entire ceiling in black instead, and have fully silver walls (the room is 12 yards by 12 yards so that's a lot of silver!)