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Children of the Revolution? (updated)

Thursday 1st February 2007

Regeneration of the Daleks?

No - not a new news item for the upcoming play in Portsmouth this year (Dalek Masterplan) - but a few words about the SUCCESSORS of the Devious Daleks. Children of the Revolution if you like. During the (re)making of the daleks for the Evil of the Daleks stageplay, various bits of dalek became spare. Ashley wanted to replace the remaining wooden bases wherever possible - and managed to change three of them. Also he pressed into service one of the dalek-control-room-set dalek-middles as a true dalek middle as the old one had decayed. The idea was to chuck away the remains - indeed 2 of the dalek bases were destroyed / cannibalised.



Karl with base

However, word got about and two of the parts have gone on their travels to start a spawning! Karl from Patcham (where one or two of the Devious daleks have been on display for a few years) has now got the strong wooden base sans balls and may well have the wheelset too once it is retrieved from Portsmouth.


And amazingly, an old dalek middle (actually dalek number 2 used in Comic Relief etc, 9 million viewers etc etc, you know the thing) which was by the back door bins ready for taking down the tip over Christmas as snapped up eagerly by Alex from a SCI-FI collectable shop in sunny Worthing (link to follow) who intends to refurbish and rebuild from the remains.

So, from little acorns.... Even if the dalek middle had been in the same good condition as the base they would still have been given away as Ashley has quite enough daleks thanks! And besides as per the Devious ethic no money was ever going to change hands as Ashley just wanted the bits to go to good homes! - ie to people who could get something from them creatively. We think that Karl's one will be part of a Genesis-style dalek and we're not sure on Alex's. Naturally we will be following the progress of these two new dalek builds over the year and we'll publish photos of the work in progress hopefully! So in a way the Devious dalek count is now up to over ten, and especially if you add the spare halves...!

ps (1 Feb 2007) found a new image of the emperor with transitional paint colours and added it to

pps (1 Feb 2007) KARL! - please ring me - I have news regarding the dalek wheelset! (Ashley here)

ppps (1 Feb again) found an image of Rob from the Evil Team taken back in the summer... at