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Can you really trust the daleks at Christmas???

Sunday 24th December 2017

Is there some sort of plan? You know how daleks are reknowned for being, er, devious? Well we're wondering what's going on. We've just received these images from our friends at Spiral in Brighton showing two of them helping to bring great joy amongst all those they recently met!

Very strange. We're thinking they are lulling the clients at Spiral into some sort of false security a la Power or Victory of the Daleks. All we hear is that the clients have had great fun in meeting with the denizons of darkness and there are no reports of any exterminations. So we present, with permission, a few images from this recent mission and maybe you can see if anything sinister is afoot. If it is a plan it is a clever one. Very Devious.


above: the Master of ceremonies - an ambassador for Spiral - friend of Devious - James

Spiral is a Brighton-based charity that works with learning-disabled adults - please take a look via the links here...

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let's do good things to, sorry with, our fellow beings. Maybe this friendship and warmth has finally rubbed off on the daleks. Maybe there is no plan. Maybe they have finally accepted peace and goodwill to all mankind. These pictures certainly seem to prove it. 

But we're still watching the daleks... just in case...