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Can we join in?

Thursday 5th July 2018
Tony Garner IS The Doctor

Hello fan film friends! - Yes - we'd like a go now please. After toiling on Devious for aeons we're finally ready to show some of it off - i.e. episode one - and we'd like to try to join the noble pantheon of fan films already out there in the ether (or the internet or whatever you all call it these days). We've written our story, cast our friends, written the music, done the effects and generally kept ourselves off the streets and out of harm's way for years.

Here we go!

Well fellow fans. We had a little showing of our epic to a select group of friends last Sunday and we had a great time. The excuse for the showing was the (finally) complete episode one of our epic tale. A great excuse to pump the telly up loud and get some nibbles and drinks in and escape to a parallel universe where Tony Garner is the Doctor.

Mark ensuring he is seen by the camera at our showing last Sunday
Matt, James Stephen, Ashley and David remind us how many episodes there are!
Heather Cohen is Aquilia

Tony Garner? I thought it was Jodie Whittaker now? Oh yes – of course it is, and we can't wait for that. But as fans we've been making our own fan film, for more years than we care to admit, as a kind of homage to the series – a love letter to an enduring institution. Some might say that an institution is where we're all bound now after spending time making this take on the programme.

The Never Was (released a few years ago) was our way of paying tribute to the real series and to the world of fan films (which is huge). We are like a tribute band. People go and see The Strolling Bones or the Bootleg Beatles  or whoever but still clamour for the real thing – perhaps even more so. All this pretentious waffle is just that in the end – waffle! So sit back and enjoy some of our efforts now by following the link. Raise a glass with us (like William Hartnell in The Feast of Steven perhaps) and toast the phenomenon that is Doctor Who.

Making Devious has led to many things – chiefly reinforcing the bonds of friends and family. It is fashionable these days to talk of “the journey” - so in our case that has included being on a BBC DVD as an “extra” through working with Jon Pertwee, being at Pinewood Studios for the making of The Curse of Fatal Death, helping with the two Portsmouth DW stage plays Evil of the Daleks and MasterPlan, and being filmed by the local TV making our epic. That journey started when we were at a BADWAS (Brighton Area Doctor Who Appreciation Society) and met Tony Garner who we thought looked uncannily like a cross between two of the television Doctor Whos. Somehow we started to write a storyline and started filming – not realising how long it would take or what would happen to us on the way. 

So what you see here on this video is footage from the last century (!) for something we weren't sure would ever see the light of day – filmed for the fun of it and the experience of making a film. Some of the footage (from 1992) was on U-matic; the rest pre-digital. It was written without thinking on how we'd achieve the visual effects, but the story was essentially the same. How the Doctor with failing memories landing on a planet eventually goes on to meet his future self is a story that takes in a series of twists and turns over many episodes. 

That first part is here now. Episode One for your delectation! Episode Two will follow on and although it won't be immediately it won't be another twenty year wait!

This will make 2 miracles in one week. England win a World cup match on penalties and Devious episode one is actually available.  What will happen next?