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Brighton Modelworld a success

Wednesday 17th February 2010


Well we think it was. Mind you what were the criteria? Only one - that people who came to the display of dalek props enjoyed what they saw.  Ashley had been offered the stand to display daleks and had called it "Dalekworld". Visitors could see eight on display, all with Devious heritage!


There were three in the Masterplan colours of matt black with silver and the the fourth was the Masterplan second-in-command in matt black and blood red. The fifth and sixth were in the original Devious colours which in itself were a version of the "Power of the Daleks" and "Evil of the Daleks" colours. The seventh was Alex Scutt's excellent build in "Genesis of the Daleks" colours. This dalek was built using one of the original Devious middle sections - the original "Chico" with the rest being completely new with a great finish.

The eighth dalek was the giant Emperor Dalek from "Devious" and "The Evil of the Daleks" stageplay, now in the original black and white colour scheme.


In the foreground of the picture above you can see an "Emperor Guard" daleks - ie the Black Dalek from Devious in it's original unchanged colour scheme.  This was the fully-radio-controlled dalek and took several turns around the venue throughout the weekend. It had been radio-controlled by Ian Watts from Robot Wars back in 2001 and was last seen at Modelworld back in 2002.

Visitors could see images charting the history of these dalek props.