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Brighton Modelworld 2011

Saturday 18th December 2010
a vision in white

Well, we're invited again next year to display our sets and props at the famous Brighton ModelWorld show. As before as an exhibitor our stand will be a celebration of daleks although with a different emphasis! Last year we displayed 6 from Devious as well as a couple more from friends of ours. The emperor was on display resplendant in it's black and white livery (we repainted it after the Evil of the Daleks play) within a small homage to "Evil of the Daleks" tv verson.

Ashley from the Devious Team is currently planning what the display will be for 2011. Again it will be in an area 5 metres by 4 metres (whatever that is in yards!) and the plan is to display some of the completed modelwork as well as full sized daleks. Ashley is also working with a local school on an educational project and some of the fruits of that may be on display too!

If the Emperor is used again it will be accompanied by no less than 3 in the original "Evil"/ "Devious" colour scheme whilst daleks in colour schemes from the 2007 play "The Dalek Masterplan" may be in attendance. We are hoping that Alex and Nicky from Type 40 Toys will be along with one or two of their excellent dalek builds (and hopefully their own sales stand at the show too!).

The fully radio-controlled dalek should also be in attendance - this has always proved popular (Ashley and Ian Watts brought it previously in 2002 and 2010).

We will give more news as and when via this site and via facebook (both the Devious group page and Type 40 Models are providing info).

However all this is being planned at the moment- don't expect to see any "Devious" footage of course - although we are hoping to do some camera trickery with green screens and the modelwork...


and from the rear