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a brief update and Peter Capaldi

Monday 1st December 2014
Stephen meeting Peter Capaldi

Hi there everyone who pops along here from time to time. Just to say that we're doing the final stuff for The Never Was now, and soon we'll start our countdown for that which we will mirror on the Devious website too as we are ever so linked!

Ashley and Stephen went to the EXCELLENT Project Motormouth 3 in Slough yesterday and had a great time. We met Peter Capaldi, Janet Fielding, Peter Purves, Anneke Wills, Katy Manning, Bonnie Langford, Richard Franklin, James Moran, Andrew Smith, Derek Ritchie, Lauren Wilson, Remi Gooding and Matthew Dale. We had our photos professionally taken with The Doctor and another with five of the Companions - just like the other 300 or so guests!. All in all very well organised and an enjoyable day - all credit to Janet and her team at 10th Planet (I think).


This was Peter Capaldi's first Convention and we were honoured to be there. A great Doctor.

A few people asked us about Devious - although not altogether a surprise as Ashley had a Devious t-shirt on! - and we were able to tell people that The Never Was is only a matter of weeks away and that we are also working on Devious again.



Listen - it's Remi Gooding
James Moran - it's Volcano Day!
Lauren Wilson - Human Nature, Family of Blood
Matthew Dale - Robot of Sherwood
The Chuckle Brothers


For those of you who like facebook Peter Capaldi was interviewed by BBC South East at the convention and it is at...

more soon !