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Black v Silver ???

Monday 4th November 2002

With the radio-remote-controlled dalek being required for a scene this weekend (hopefully) we have to make the final decision by Friday what colour scheme the leader dalek will be. Until now in the script it's been the "Black Dalek" but it's been renamed "Dalek Supreme" whilst we consider the final colours.

It looks so good all in super-bright metallic silver we've not wanted to colour it with a black dome (or use a spare one painted black so we can keep the silver one) and blue balls but we feel to stay in keeping with the 1960's "Power" and "Evil" era daleks as these are meant to be, then it should be painted up accordingly. It's all fiction anyway so why should we care what colour - if we think the all-over silver looks better then we should keep it, and stuff the continuity.

Here it is at present, in all it's brightness. If it goes black dome and blue balls we will still keep the extra-bright silver (the other daleks are silver-grey in comparison).


We'd be interested in your opinions - unless they are of the "I don't give a monkey's" variety.

Any emails we receive at chiefdalek@doctorwho-devious.comwe will read and consider.

You'll see the final decision in the first pics from the next filming test shots.