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the (best) exciting news

Wednesday 27th May 2009


It's the exciting news to beat all exciting news in fact! And of course you all know already by the time you read this. But we we weren't sure when we could say anything. We've been sitting on this for 15 months or so and a year ago we were asked to prepare some of our footage for the War Games DVD release. We weren't expecting the news to come out quite so quickly, thinking as you were that the War Games wasn't coming out 'til the end of the year. So with the release date of 6th of July being announced, we've not had time to put the new website look into place just yet. Rest assured we'll adapt it as we'll finally be able to add some new news items rather than the filler ones we've een running about the model sets and props Ashley has been building!

Obviously we couldn't say anything all this time and bit our lip when anyone made suggestions to us about what could happen to Devious. We were delighted and astounded when we heard our footage would be used. We're also under no illusions it's not because of what we do as amateur film-makers - it's because we have footage of Jon Pertwee, and it is great and right and just that fandom will be able to see some of it at last. Having said that we hope we can raise a banner for amateur fim-makers everywhere - we don't all go running round with camcorders filming monsters made of cardboard and sticky tape.

Well we used to. And then the "Pertwee gig" raised our game. The new sets and props we built were to make the scenes with Jon look right. We had to - the daleks were built as accurate recreations of the originals from Power and Evil, so why not tackle the Tardis? The rest of the great things that happened in the story of Devious happened because of us raising our game. OK it wasn't for anything we thought we'd get in return - none of us has ever intended a tangible outcome for any of this - we thought it would sit there on our shelf for ever - so we are especially delighted that the segment of Devious that appears on The War Games DVD is there at all. You'll hear in our voices in the included commentary (recorded last year) just how proud we are. And how blindingly mad we all seem. Some of us more than others!

thanks for sticking with us


ps - there's a nice write up about us on Outpost Gallifrey news page and of course reading the Doctor Who Monthly alerted us - the bible of Doctor Who (!!) - cheers thanks peeps!

also here at DVD Times - same wording... and that's because the text has been culled from the Restoration Team website - as you'd expect of course!