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The Best of Days

Sunday 2nd September 2012

Like the 31st of August being the night of the Blue Moon, the 1st of September saw a fortuitous combination of  events which made for the perfect day for Ashley, writing here today...

Being involved in a fan production such as Devious has meant little gains most of the time as we try to keep the long term project in mind. We only have time for it occasionally, and so often the progress is much slower than we have liked. But then when some stage is reached we have a great gain. Like completing an edit for example or getting the footage ready to show our friends for example. A year or so ago we showed Devious as it stood to some friends in a room at David's office after hours - it was a great experience and hugely enjoyable and gave us hope for the completed project.

And yesterday we saw the greatest gain of all - the result of completing something and showing it to an enraptured audience. Yes, Ashley went along to see Power of the Daleks as reimagined by our friends down in Portsmouth. After their successes with Fury from the Deep and the two dalek epics on stage - i.e. Evil and Masterplan their final part of their intended dalek trilogy of re-enactments was Power of the Daleks. Circumstances led to the final dalek play being a dalek fan film instead, which at least meant for a higher potential audience in time.


The film was shown in its entirety (50 minutes) for free for anyone who chose to remain after their excellent Convention "Power: Reimagined", which featured guests Christopher Barry, the Restoration Team, Nicholas Briggs, Barnaby Edwards and Anneke Wills.

After a great day out at this convention at which I met many old colleagues of like mind, as well as meeting many new people, viewing this excellent film was the icing on the cake. A polished production with high production values and acting. Something to be very proud of indeed.

And then the best of days continued! Due to attendee Jeremy Bentham realisation that many people at the convention would not get home in time for the 7.20 start of Asylum of the Daleks he arranged for a local pub to show it on their large screens - and so over 50 of us watched Doctor Who on a pub TV as if it were the footie!


Doctor 1 Daleks 0 final score.

Maybe the result should have been

Doctor Who Fan Film-makers 1 Doctor Who on the BBC 1 - an excellent match with both sides demonstrating their strengths - both teams can look forward to a great future.

The best of days - meeting friends and watching Doctor Who in all its complimentary formats.




Ashley with Anneke
another Stuart masterpiece