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behind the scenes at The Never Was

Wednesday 25th September 2013

We thought you'd like to see a few photos from the making of "The Never Was" which took place last month. Well actually we did film an additional scene this month but that's a digression.

David from the Devious Team was the Director on the day whilst young Mark (young compared to the rest of us) Jones played the part of The Doctor. Which Doctor is anyone's guess, since the point of the story is that his incarnation comes to the realisation that his version is not the only one - there are others throughout the universe and in parallel universes. This device allows for the possibility of all other fan-made Doctor Who films to be referenced and celebrated.


the TARDIS entrance being constructed and shown to have landed at "Cubeworld".
Above: the console room with the red gel on the rotor. This gel was kept by the Devious Team (in Ashley's loft) since 1999. The last time it was used was in representing Rowan Atkinson's TARDIS in Curse of Fatal Death if you recall! However we removed for the shoot it as it wouldn't work well with some of the intended shots. Maybe next time.
Above: the "village hall" we hired. Actually this is the penultimate floor of an imposing building. And they are keen to hire it out for future events - so if you're in the Portslade area (near Brighton, Sussex, Earth, solar system Sol, weeks from the Mutter spiral) then please get in contact and we can pass you the details should you wish to hold a convention or film a Doctor Who story.... PS - the dalek was there for a photo shoot with the local paper.
Above: Mark waits his turn as shots are being aligned. Jane is ready with the clapper board...
... which she uses like so.
Above: behind one of the two Black Magic cameras used on the day. A 3D camera was also used on occasion.
Jay, our third reserve clapperboard operator (Saturdays) gets his chance to set things going. He travelled especially from Portsmouth to do this.

Actually with everyone who came along and helped there is a great deal of thanks. 

The project is getting on well - the main edit has been done and effects progressing. Another meeting tonight will see how things are getting along. In fact we have two meetings - "The Never Was" from 5.30 and then later on we talk "Devious" where we are looking at the monster from episode one! We are trying to get something ready from the Devious camp for the anniversary so keep coming back and checking us out!

And we'll have some more photos from The Never Was if you guys (that's guys of all genders) would like to see on this site. We know that Mark occasionally puts bits up on his The Never Was website, but thought you'd like to see things from the Devious perspective today!

More soon!