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on BBC1 tonight! - see it here!! - UPDATED

Wednesday 8th July 2009

UPDATE - see it here on the BBC site.. link - will only work for 24 hours and prob only UK

TWENTY YEARS!!???!! (as per TV clip intro!!!) never!!! - we started in around 1992/3 - still that's a long time!

UPDATE 8th July 2009: Sorry the BBC South East link is now irrelevant since it only shows the programme from the current day -we'll try to see if it is out there somewhere else - if you find it please let us know!

It seems that there will be a piece about the Pertwee scene on BBC 1 South East tonight (7th July) between 6.30 and 7pm.

David and Stephen were interviewed in front of an edit suite showing a "Pertwee edit". David reports lots of the questions were "what was it like to work with Jon Pertwee" - that sort of thing. Apparently afterwards the interviewer was to speak with the editor of ("the DW Bible") Doctor Who Monthly so let's hope that went well.

Here's hoping all went well!

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