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BBC South Today on 30 July includes youtube clip

Wednesday 31st July 2013

Ashley spent the day down near Brockenhurst at the BBC marquee helping to construct a version of the TARDIS and console room. Apparently there's more to do, so we'll only add one or two pics for now. So with luck you'll be able to see the Devious console room (and a couple of daleks the BBC tent at The New Forest Show from next Tuesday 30th July to Thursday 1st of August.

It seems that the BBC evening magazine show South Today will be broadcast from the site on Tuesday so you may glimpse the set briefly during the show. They do have bulletins during the day although we're not sure if they are coming from the Marquee or what time these are. To see the programme you'll need BBC South not South East on your receiver.



Hopefully we'll have some more pics showing the completed set - and hopefully some video! more soon...

UPDATE: 29 July - Ashley was rung up and told the console should be seen three times during the day - in the local news part of the BBC Breakfast programme tomorrow (30th) in the South local news section. It is also scheduled to appear during the lunchtime bulletin and also in the main evening news magazine programme from 6.30pm until 7. 

Should be good (hopefully) - if it helps with the 50th Anniversary we're happy - we did supply a DOCTOR WHO FIFTY YEARS name banner to go in the TARDIS Police Box top lettering panel - whether that is used we don't know.

UPDATE 30 July 4pm- well it wasn't on the first two local news bits on the Breakfast and lunctime bulletins but we weren't expecting that anyway - how can it have been news? Anyway we are assured it will be seen on tonight's show although judging by the first picture Ashley has been sent there may have been a misjudgement in the dressing of the console part of the set. We noticed some ropelight had been added to an area of the wall which we didn't think suited the set. However, and obviously the set is there as a sideshow, an exhibit for people to look around and enjoy so would they be too bothered by strict accuracy required by dedicated fans / whovians etc? Still, we mentioned it as we felt we had to - however it didn't appear on the telly anyway as it turned out - i.e. was for the public to look around for the day (and upcoming 2 days) so its all pretty academic anyway! The main thing is that we were able to supply something to help the Doctor Who cause along, especially in this anniversary year.

UPDATE 8PM - Well we saw the TARDIS Police Box as the presenter was about to walk through it and we saw some daleks, so people could see that there was a treat for them at the BBC Marquee so all in all a success we think. Pity we didn't get to see the console room but the way the piece was edited you could see it was just used as the end piece as the presenter was about to leave in the TARDIS. Good stuff! We'll post some pics when we get some extracted from our recording of the TV piece. There may be some at the South Today website found somewhere in the BBC sites - please let us know if you see any - or if you have been to the show please send us any pictures you have and we can put them on this site!


Well, we checked out the South Today website and they had the sequence on a youtube clip so we've used the embed code and added it here for you to see - hopefully it will work for those of you outside the UK. If not then, well, you've missed a short clip of some daleks and the Police Box!!! Those of you with eagle eyes will note one dalek is silver/blue Power/Evil/Devious whilst the other is the same colours but with the Evil/Masterplan (stage plays) dome rather than the standard model. We thought it would provoke some discussion if we sent one of those along!


Great stuff - onwards and upwards and back to Devious and The Never Was...



Pps here's that pesky clip again!

pps have found some new pics from our quarry filming online from a friend of ours ...


More soon!