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back to blue

Friday 19th March 2010
It did look quite interesting and had a couple of outings in this colour scheme - the first of which being a birthday party of one of the cast's children!

Just found a few photos when downloading from the digital camera and thought the website should have these! These were taken this January and February and concern the dalek which you may recall was last seen in silver and white. It had been one of the black and silver models as per the Dalek Masterplan play in 2007. It had been decided to make it the first one to return to the Devious colours, and so an undercoat of white was used to cover the black matt on the base and the middle shoulder section.

Of course by now we have spare sets of balls so we need not denude a dalek to repaint - only refit when the balls are ready! Now that's something odd in print: "denude a dalek" - perhaps that sounds marginally better than de-ball! There must be a proper term for this...
Here's the middle with the white overpainted with silver again. For Devious we used Silver Smooth Hammerite which is painted on thickly and then rollered with a small foam paint roller to get the finish we like. No brush strokes are left and the resultant finish takes close inspection. The plunger and gun were unlocked and pushed back in to allow for the painting to commence - the photo below shows them before they have been relocked.
Now this dalek base is a fibreglass resin casting done in 2006 for the first of the two Dalek Plays, and the original base was chucked away (much to our friend Alex's regret) along with the middle (which Alex rescued!). However as this was a base that had been with us for many years the top was kept as it had been signed in December 2003 by JNT - and this was built this into the new base accordingly.
Now with the base in silver and the balls fitted it looked almost like the Devious dalek of old...

... except that the dome is still the Evil / Masterplan variant and the "Devious-D" double front shoulder slat is still in place. They will both be replaced when time permits. Ashley will be unemployed in a few months, and will be looking for work ( he's skilled in PHP, MySQL, ASP and fibreglass !!!! ) so will still be too busy to do this but we're willing to bet he won't be able to resist it. He has had a new delivery of resin we hear...

More soon, including a full set of images from the Brighton Show back in February.