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Animation Tests & Magazine Article

Friday 1st October 2010


Well we thought we'd see how some animation would work! Stop motion animation was carried out this evening by David and Ashley with mixed results. If we want our daleks to move like an episode of "Morph" then we've cracked it! To be fair this was our first attempt at this sort of thing and it wasn't too bad, just not convincing enough. We have shots where the Doctor is crawling across a gantry above a room full of daleks and we were wondering how to achieve this shot. The chances are we will use some form of puppetry since we will have to control fifteen at a time to make the shot work properly.

Anyway we thought you should know that we're still on the case!

And in other news it seems we may be featured in a sci-fi magazine article again very soon! Should be an article featuring four well known amateur DW film projects - although not sure yet when and where and if but we will let you know as soon as we know. And if you see us before we do then please let us know! (via the form on the  "Say hello"  page which is working again after being neglected!)....

Speak soon!