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Wednesday 9th February 2005

Well, couple of things - firstly just to say those of us from Devious who went to the World Premiere of 'Griffin' thoroughly enjoyed the evening. A great film and worthy of more showings - in a cinema near you! (Go to their site to see how you can help get another showing...) - sounds good for the future for this project - a follow up surely must/ought to happen!!!

Also it looks like we're going to do a tiny bit of filming in the next week or two - just following up on two shots we forgot to do earlier, so the trusty corridor sets will be wheeled out again (but which design? - the complex already shows off two distinct architectural phases !!!) - as well as a dalek or two! More news as and when - and some more pics from January we promise!

Also good to see some daleks are going to this year's Brighton Modelworld show - 4 we believe from the Dalek Builders Club. Good luck chaps! Solidarity!! It'll be great fun for audience and exhibitors alike - we took the Devious radio-controlled Black Dalek a couple of times courtesy of our Robot Wars friends and you never know we may be back....! Great publicity for the new BBC series too - excellent timing!