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2014 - an "Unofficial" Trailer

Sunday 27th April 2014
Hugh Lloyd and Peter Tuddenham in Gary's new trailer for Devious

Great Stuff! We've been sent a great independently made trailer by one of our followers Gary Merchant. He's asked us to pop it live up on youtube and we're very happy to do so. The music is copyright-free before you ask although the subject matter is not exactly!!! But then Devious is a homage (or an homage - we're not sure) to BBC's Doctor Who. We're in awe of the real thing and play at it ourselves - keeps us happy and off the streets anyway!

As for Gary's trailer it has given us ideas for our own of course but that's a good thing. Anything to spur us on. We're working behind the scenes reasonably frantically to finish something and put it out as soon as possible to whet your appetites for Devious itself. And that something is The Never Was - the side projecty that overtook Devious on the home straight. But we've seen the finish line and we're spurred on, just to continue the horse metaphors etc. Anyway enough waffle - here's the trailer (which we will move to a new section on the site we are contemplating)... cheers Gary