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1991 photo archive discovery

Wednesday 22nd July 2009

One of our troop - Arthur - who played both Aturo and the infamous "Wiggy" in Devious has just presented us with some newly discovered photos from his archive.

In celebration of the War Games DVD we are getting together a crowd of a dozen or so and watching all the episodes of Devious for the fun of it sometime soon and this has prompted various members of the team to look around for curios and things to show the group itr seems! And the best haul of all is Arthur discovering some old slides and prints in his garage! Affectionately known in some circles as "Wiggy" Arthur has always been the person to document our activities, especially the 'Pertwee Day'. So far he has sent us a few images we have never seen before. Most of this batch were taken on the first day of filming back in October 1991 somewhere on the Sussex Downs.

Here's one of Tony as the Doctor waiting for filming to start...


The rest of the images can be seen here in our "pics" section.