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10 million listeners !!! - and a few pics from the last set of filming ...

Tuesday 28th January 2003
Devious news received this brief email from Stephen (who now works for Radio 2 as well as occasional Southern Counties)
Bit of a wheeze.
I was doing travel on the Ken Bruce programme this morning, when he read out an email from Paul Hayes (esteemed web columnnist and also a one-off Devious dalek operator!) in which he identified me as one of the main trio behind Devious, and has also been a dalek.
A short chat about daleks followed, before I did the travel news.
Therefore the name Devious has been broadcast to over 10,000,000 people. Not that many of them probably noticed though?

blimey !! - so to tide you over until we actually have some more news (set-building is slow and painful in a cold shed) here's a shot from Ashley's last scene where he's about to fall to his death at the hands of .... well, at the feet of ... well, that'd be telling!


Needless to say there's a wee bit of post-production to be done here! ... and here's a few others with Stephen and Ashley during the November corridor scenes...